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How To Use Doodles In Your Bullet Journal

by Maria Irina 09 Oct 2019 1 comment

Hey! Masha here from Masha Plans and today we will be talking about one of my favorite things - doodles and how you can use them in your Bullet Journal!

Personally, I’m obsessed with doodles, they are literally all over my Bullet journal pages. So today I wanna talk about this - how you can use doodles in your BuJo. Because, believe me, it’s not just a decoration!

Doodling Supplies

Unlike a common belief, you don't actually need any crazy supplies to start doodling.

But here are a few of my favorites that help me make my doodles pop.

Archer and Olive Journal - these are my favorite journals ever to use as my Bullet Journal, as well as just for doodling. Nothing beats a great quality paper!

And if you want to get anything from Archer and Olive, be sure to use code MASHA10 to get 10% off your order.

Fineliners - these pens are the best for doodling, the ink is usually water resistant, archival and they come in different sizes so you can play around with line thickness.

Colored markers - I'm all about using color, so this is definitely a must have for me. I love using brush pens like calliographs, since they come in many beautiful colors and cal also be used for brush lettering.

1. Doodles To Decorate Your Bullet Journal Pages

Ok, using Doodles for decoration might be the first thing you do so let’s start from the most obvious one - use doodles to decorate your Bullet Journal pages. 

bullet journal, gratitude log, archer and olive, B5 notebook, tombow dual brush pens, doodles, bullet journal page ideas

Depending on the spread you’re doing, either set up the page and then add doodles to empty spaces, or do what I do: start with a doodle composition and build the rest around it. 

For example, if it’s a monthly log, I definitely need to set it up first, because it’s a huge thing and I need a lot of space for it.

bullet journal, archer and olive, blackout book, sakura gelly roll, bujo, monthly log

But let’s look at the doodling page I created for October. I didn’t care much about space so I started from doing the doodling and then just added the table around it.

bullet journal, halloween bullet journal, blackout book, archer and olive, bujo, bullet journal page ideas, sakura gelly roll, halloween doodle

2. Doodling Pages

Another way to use doodling is by creating doodling pages. Basically you open the page and fill it out with different doodles, like the Halloween page I created below.

bullet journal, archer and olive, B5 notebook, halloween bullet journal, halloween doodles, how to doodle, bujo

There are a few reasons why you’d want to do that. First of all, it’s very relaxing! Doodling is an easy way to unplug from the world and put all your attention on one thing. For me, it's even some sort of meditation.

The second reason for creating doodling pages - for reference. Let’s say you pick a certain theme for your month and you decided you’ll decorate your pages with doodles. It sounds fun, right?

However, you don’t really want to use one or two doodles the whole month, you probably want to have different ones but within the same theme, right? 

To help yourself and not spend hours thinking up the doodles when it’s time to set up another weekly, you can do doodle brainstorm and create a doodling page! This can be a great reference during the month and for every other time, you feel like using some of these doodles.

3. Tracker

My final idea on how to use doodles in your Bullet Journal is ….. To use them as trackers!

The basic idea is that you create a tracker with a doodle for each day of the month, assign a habit to each part of the doodle and then on the day you only color a part of the doodle which symbolizes the habit you actually completed.

bullet journal, tracker, habit tracker, doodle tracker, tombow dual brush pens

Another way is to use doodles for your collections as I did on my TV tracker. Here I just created as many little TVs as I had space for and I will be writing down the information inside of them.

bullet journal, tracker, collections, bujo, archer and olive, B5 notebook, bullet journal page ideas, tv tracker

Bonus - Fall Doodles

Since it’s Fall (at least for those of you in the Northern hemisphere), I thought I should leave you with something special. Here are some step by step themed doodles you can use on your Bullet Journal pages these days!

bullet journal, archer and olive, B5 notebook, Karin Markers, Fall doodles, how to doodle, tutorial

Hope you’re motivated to use doodles more in your journals, and if you use any of the doodles from the post, make sure to tag me @mashaplans on Instagram, I’d love to see your recreations!

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1 comment

14 Oct 2019 Hv

Those are so cute! Love the ideas💡!!

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