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Color Block Flower Doodles Illustration

by Nabaa Afridi 27 May 2020 0 Comments

Hello again! Nabaa from @whimsical.doodles here with a fun little illustration for you to try out! 

If I'm being completely honest, I haven't felt too creative lately. With all that's going on around the world, it can be hard to get in the right mindset. So I turned to the one thing that always helps - doodling flowers!

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen my April Cover Page: 

Floral Bullet Journal Cover Page

Creating this was super fun and I absolutely love how the final result turned out. So I figured we could do something similar for this week's blog post! Continue reading for a step by step tutorial. 

Materials I used: 

Start by dividing your page into 4 sections:

Color Block Floral Illustration

In each box, start drawing your favourite flower doodles using a pencil. I drew in random flowers - here's a great practice printable to work with if you're new to drawing flowers. 

Color Block Floral Illustration

Once you're happy with how your flowers look, go over the lines with a black fineliner. This will make it easier to colour in the background. Once you've inked it in, grab an eraser to get rid of the pencil lines. 

Color Block Floral Illustration

Start colouring! I used the Posca Pens in the Pastel Set here to colour the backgrounds of all 4 sections. Use any colour combination you like. The best way to do this is outline all the flower drawings and then fill in the rest of the box: 

Color Block Floral Illustration

The great think about these Posca Pens is that it's pretty easy to fill in large areas without that "streaky look". Plus they're fantastic on the Archer and Olive paper!

Color Block Floral Illustration

And finally, add in the little details such as striping leaves, stippling the petals, darkening the centers, etc. 

Color Block Floral Illustration

And ta da! I really like how this turned out - it was easy to set up and create but made for a super pretty illustration! If you recreate this piece, make sure to tag me @whimsical.doodles and @archerandolive for a feature!

I hope you've had fun creating and doodling along! Until next time! - Nabaa



@whimsicaldoodles Color Block Flower Doodles in Archer and Olive Dot Grid Journal

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