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Bullet Journal Video Tutorial: Moon Theme

by Nabaa Afridi 09 Jul 2020 1 comment

Hello again! It's Nabaa from @whimsical.doodles over on Instagram! For today's post, I've got a beautiful moon themed page for your journal! This is perfect as a cover page or as a fun little illustration to try out! 

Moon Coverpage Bullet Journal

What you'll need for this illustration: 

Before we get started, a quick note - Since I'm working with limited tools while away from home, I used the Posca Pen for the background. If you'd like a smoother finish, I'd recommend using gouache! You can also use a piece of color paper instead.

Also, please just ignore my head if it should pop into the camera frame - I'm still working out a video setup! And so with that said, let's dive in!

I hope you find this video helpful in creating your own moon illustration. I'd love to see if you recreate it! Tag me @whimsical.doodles and @archerandolive to share. Until then, much love - Nabaa

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1 comment

20 Jul 2020 KArina

Love it!! Thanks for sharing ♥️

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