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Quarterly Review of Bullet Journal Use & Setting Future Intentions

by Ambassador Team 18 Feb 2024 1 comment

Hello, my name is Mark and you can find me on Instagram @Mark.your.Pages and on my Youtube Channel. I'm a long time bullet journaler and I take my practice seriously, while also having fun. While I mostly use my Bullet Journal for work, I also enjoy adding bits of personal and self-care in there as well. Today, I am going to share with you an important part of journaling, reflection and intentions. And we are going to talk about why it's important to take the time to see how things are going and set yourself up for success in the future.

4 square reflecction page in a black out archer and olive journal

Taking on a whole year in your journal can be intimidating, so I have found that breaking it up into quarters if a little easier to manage. This is what I like to hold quarterly reviews of my journal, so that I can fix what isn't working as I go versus trying to work through the pain all year to only reflect at the end.

For today's exercise you are going to need these things.

To begin, we are going to create a new collection page in our Bullet Journal. You are going to need 2 columns and 2 rows. Give yourself some space between the columns and rows for your boxes. You will need 2 across and down. 

a list of what is working and what itsn't working in your bullet journal

Your top section is going to be focused on what you are keeping in your journal and what you are deciding to leave behind for the next quarter. Take your time with this part. Thinking through these pages will help set you up for success in the next quarter and future in your journal. 

Your bottom section is going to be focused on your reflection of this past quarter. I like to break the year into quarters because it is easier to think back 3 months than it is a whole year. Things are still fresh, so let's use that to our advantage. 

reflecting of the quarter and setting intentions for the next quarter

As you review each page, think about if the page was useful to you and your journal goals. Was it easy to use? Did you find that you used this page often or used the layout in other places? If you did, then you want to keep that page idea for the future. This is also a good time to reflect on how you keep your tasks and notes. Did you prefer a daily layout or weekly? 

The goes section is where you write down anything that didn't work. Was it a tracker that you just didn't really use? Perhaps you tried a weekly log but it just didn't work our for your journal style. Now is the time to write a note about that. Feel free to add a little explanation to it as well. This can be a helpful reminder as you continue in your journal and reflect later on. 

full q1 review page filled out

The bottom section is going to be all about reflection as a whole for the past 3 months. Write about what you liked about this practice. If you are new to Bullet Journaling, a few notes about your experience so far and what has or has not worked. Feel free to use this space for reflections about work, home life, or whatever you feel is on your mind and needs to be reflected on.

Finally, we are going to set up our Q2 Intentions. This section is about what you want to make happen for yourself. This could be a milestone goal or simply a note to yourself to be intentional about your workouts, trackers, and work or mental health. 

These sections don't need to be long winded at all. Keep it simple so that you don't overwhelm yourself. Remember, this is for you, no one else is going to look at it, so if it's 2 bullet points, good, that's awesome and I am proud of you.

If you'd like to work along with me on this exercise, check out the video that goes into the process a little more.

If you'd like a worksheet that you can work on, print this one out and use it as a worksheet outside of your journal or cut it out and it will fit inside your A5 sized journal pages.

Q1 review template download

If you are looking for a great collection page to try in your new quarter review, check out this blog post about setting up a running tracker in your Bullet Journal

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1 comment

17 May 2024 Barbara Gail Filson

Mark, your videos are so helpful. Always on point. I, too am an avid fountain pen and ink lover. The books and other items from A&O go perfectly with the themes I am passionate about. Keep being you.

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