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Creative Ways To Use Your Washi Tape & Stickers!

by Ambassador Team 11 Feb 2024 0 Comments

Stickers and Washi Tape - what is a journal or planner person to do? Even if your primary craft is memory keeping, these rolls can get us through so many uses and projects they go on and on! Hello friends - May Flaum here and today I’m excited to show you three easy ideas for using up your extra stickers and washi tapes to keep that stash getting used up. The best part? All of these ideas are giftable and so you can share the sticker love with your friends and family.

Archer and Olive stickers and washi tape

Supplies Needed

There are only a few supplies needed for any of these projects and those include:

If you have things like paper punches, a die cutting machine, want to add sewing, or other crafty details you can always make things fancier or use those tools to get your sticker stash used - but they are optional and we can make a very simple stash work here.

Here is my YouTube video to share these three easy projects both cards and a bookmark.

Make a Shape (heart) Card

Making a shape and cutting it out by hand (or with help from a cutting machine) is one of my favorite ways to make a cool design with many washi tapes. You’re going to want to make yours 1-2” wider (and taller) than your intended shape. Then just start at one end (or even the middle) and lay strips of washi tape down next to each other. Once done, cut out the shape.

Heart Washi Tape Nostalgia Card using Stickers

Want to do a shape, but need a line to cut on? Print out a shape (star, circle, whatever!) on your printer, then put the washi tapes on the OPPOSITE side of the paper! Then when done you can cut following the line, and that becomes the back side. Once you have a shape (or multiple shapes!) you can make several projects with this including putting the shape into your notebook or planner, using on a scrapbook page, decor project, or in this case as the centerpiece for a card.

To complete this card I used stickers (Nostalgia collection) and some simple pen work.

Trimming Washi Tape to make a bookmark

Bookmark Bliss

When I was a teenager making collaged “packing tape” bookmarks was a favorite pastime for friends. These days I always love a good giftable, as well as a few of my own bookmarks so this easy project works well. Cover a rectangle of paper (my strip is approximately 3 x 6 to begin) with washi tape. I opted to use my designs at an angle, so that it would have a bit of a funkier look when done. Any direction is fine - and you can absolutely add stickers, words, or details over the top!

 Washi Tape covered bookmark

Once done you will want to run packing tape around (Front and back) down the center of the paper fully covering it, then trim both excess tape and washi tape. This leaves you with a bookmark that will last a good long time (protective tape cover!), is a great size/width, and is custom designed!

DIY Card using archer and olive sticker and tapes

Sticker Focused Card

Finally for today, I have a card where I used a sticker as my starting inspiration, then used washi tape strips underneath to accent and add detail. For this I made a 4” square card to size down to best suit the sticker. I simply placed strips of washi, then my sticker on top to complete. So simple, and so much fun to get supplies used.

Making cards and crafts with washi tape and sticker extras

Let’s go make all the things!

I hope this article has helped you and given you some fresh ideas for easy ways to get those supplies used in 2024. Not only can this help you use your stash of Archer & Olive products, but it can also be a great way to connect with a friend, and reignite your creativity when you are in a slump.

Here is a printable with some more thoughts and ideas, designed to cut (landscape) and fit into many planners or journals to reference later.

washi  tape printable

If you need permission to simplify, let go of expectations, or just get crazy with wild ideas once in a while I am always here to support you! Please feel free to reach out to me @craftwithmay on social media like Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok! I love chatting and am always happy to root for you and cheer you on as well as help you troubleshoot. If you try any ideas from this article and post to social media I encourage you to tag @archerandolive, and use hashtags #AOShare and #archerandolive so that the community can see your work as well.

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