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10+ Ideas for Your B6 Journal

by Guest Blogger 11 May 2021 0 Comments

Hey-lo! Marsha from Do You Salut!  I think B6 journals might be my 2nd favorite sized book. The traveler's journal will always have my heart!) I like the B6 journal because it is small and portable. Today I'm going to show you over 10 different ideas on how you can use your B6 journal. Let's jump right in! 


Recommended Supplies: 

  • Acrylograph pens 
  • Stickers or stamps from Archer and Olive
  • Tombow dual brush pens, watercolors, markers 

If you're interested in anything from Archer and Olive be sure to use my affiliate code:  Salut10 for a 10% discount. 

Book of Affirmations

Using my B6 journal to write down affirmations is one of my favorite ways to use my journal. Just writing these positive words down helps reduce my anxiety. Here are some of my favorite affirmations: 

  • I believe in my dreams. 
  • I am grateful for every day. 
  • I am doing my best every day. 
  • I love myself for who I am. 
  • The best is yet to come. 
  • I am in charge of my own happiness. 
  • I accept 100% responsibility for my own life. 

(For this spread I used stamps from the Celestial Stamps from Archer and Olive to make the background.)

Book Wishlist 

 I recently discovered BookTube. There are so many great books out there to read. Sometimes  writing all the books down in our primary bujo might get overwhelming. Creating a separate book list is a great way to keep track.

(For this spread I used Tombow dual brush pens for the circles.)

Dream Log


Did you know that 95% of dreams are forgotten? Some times I have the most vivid and interesting dreams that would make great movies and books. Using the B6 journal is a great way to log your dreams and sleepytime adventures. 

(For this spread I used stamps from the Celestial Stamps from Archer and Olive to make the background.)

Tea Tracker


Are you a coffee or tea person? If you like to try different types of coffee or teas using your journal to track your tastings is a good idea. In the tea tracker I like to track : 

  • the name of the tea
  • type of tea ( green tea, white tea, black tea, etc) 
  • Origin of the tea 
  • the store I ordered the tea from 
  • the best temperature to steep the tea 
  • if the tea is caffeinated or not 

If you would like to do this for coffee you can track: the coffee origin, coffee name, dark roast, light roast, or flavor profile. 

((For this spread I used stamps from the Spring collection from Archer and Olive to make the background.)

Wine or Cocktail Tracker

A wine or cocktail tracker is similar to the tea tracker. If you have hopes of becoming a sommelier keeping a wine log can be helpful. A B6 journal is also helpful when trying out a new cocktail or wine at a restaurant. 

 (For this spread I used stamps from the Spring collection from Archer and Olive to make the background.)

Beauty Tracker 

Anyone else use the quarantine as a time to practice physical self care? While staying at home I've tried so many different face masks, foot masks, shampoos, etc. Using your B6 to keep track of the products you've tried is a great way to keep track of if you liked the product or not. Last year I cut my hair and stopped putting chemical relaxer to straighten my hair. I've been on a adventure trying to figure out which shampoos and conditioners work best for my hair's natural texture and curls. Here are some of the things I put in my "beauty tracker" 

  • name of product 
  • cost of product 
  • where can I get purchase it 
  • my star ranking/ would I purchase or use again 


Nail Polish Tracker 

Have you ever gone nail polish shopping and can't remember if you have this color at home? Welp here's your solution! 

(For this spread I used stickers from Spring stickers collection  and Acrylograph pens.) 

Short Story or Writing Journal 


Lettering Practice 

Did you know that fellow design team member Kate has a lettering e-book? I like to use her book and the one pictured above to practice my lettering. 

Religious Studies 


Restaurant Tracker 

Date Night Ideas 


Recipe book 


Check out this video of the behind the scenes of some of these spreads.

Here is a printable of some of my favorite affirmations. 


What's your favorite way to use your B6 notebook? Have you tried any of these spreads before? If you recreate any of these spreads  be sure to tag me at @doyousalut , @archerandolive. Also don't forget to tag for a chance to be featured on our community page. 


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