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10+ Ways You Can Use Acrylic Paint Pens | Wood, Glass, Shoes + MORE

by Design Team 10 Apr 2022 0 Comments

Did you know, acrylic markers aren't just for paper? You can use them on so many different mediums, so we have collated some amazing Acrylograph creations from the community to give you some inspiration on getting more out of the box with your Acrylograph Pens!


Supplies For Acrylic Paint Marker Projects:



First up, the pens work amazingly on glass! Make sure to go slow and ...

acrylic markers on glass

[Credit: @jenns_crea on Instagram]



This is a new one to us, but you can even use them on shoes. Yes SHOES!

personalised shoes

[Credit: @valovanity on Instagram]

And shoes of all different fabrics!

personalised shoes

[Credit: @chouchoumai on Instagram]


Plant Pots And Household Items

Want to brighten up your decor? You can personalise them with any design of your choosing!

plant pot decoration

[Credit: @itsalexik on Instagram]


Here's a lamp that's been decorated with the acrylographs:

lamp decoration

[Credit: @shedesignskc on Instagram]


And some gorgeous dishes:

decorated dishes

[Credit: @happy_skull_planner on Instagram]



Acrylic pens work amazing on wood! Perfect for decorating and personalising plainer items.

wood decoration

[Credit: @daniellefl on Instagram]



The 0.7mm nibs are perfect for adding details to craft projects. Here are a variety of amazing ideas including rock painting, wood rounds and egg decorating!

crafting pens

[Credit: @thejournalcorner on Instagram]

Here's another gorgeous example!

Acrylograph crafting

[Credit: @candy_paperlover on Instagram]


Plastic Crafts

Looking to decorate or letter something for a wedding or party project such as clear plastic or a mirror? These pens are perfect!

plastic lettering

[Credit: @jstnbcmnglettering on Instagram]

I hope this blog helped you come up with some new ideas for your Acrylograph Pens. Make sure to check out the creators, and let us know if you feel like these tips helped you! Find us on Instagram at @archerandolive, and tag #archerandolive and #AOshare or post them on our Facebook group at Archer and Olive Community so we can see your creations!

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