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Adding More Creativity Into Your Planner

by Bonnie Kuhl 26 Apr 2019 0 Comments


Planning is (if it wasn't clear) a huge passion of mine! Running a household, a business, and juggling motherhood would be impossible if there wasn't some form of structure. When I don't have the time to build my own planner, I'm using one of the Archer and Olive Undated Planners. They still have plenty of room to get creative (we all need to add a little more creativity to our days), but I don't have to draw out the basic structure. 

To add more creativity to my planner, I'm using:

- Archer and Olive Undated Planners

- Tombow MONO Drawing Pen (size 01)

- Tombow Dual Brush Pens




Step 1: Choose a color palette

I'm Using Tombow Dual brush pens #312, #946, #993, #991, #772, #837, But you can create your own or use one of Tombows existing color combinations (one of my favorite is the new tropical color pack). 



2. Have fun with doodles



Doodling is great way to get creative, and call attention to certain events. It's something that doesn't take long, and helps you take a break from the seemingly never ending list of things to do. I use an 01 Tombow MONO Drawing pen in my planner (because the ink doesn't smear with Tombow Markers).  



3. Color Code!


Not only is color coding a great way to get a little creative, but it's also practical. It helps you easily identify certain tasks so you can prioritize your day. For example, in this layout, I've highlighted all my personal tasks in orange, because I know those can wait. 




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