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Consistent Morning Routines that Improve Mental Health

by Design Team 11 Jun 2021 1 comment

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Hi friends, I’m Robin also known as Crafty Planner Queen you can find me on Instagram @craftyplanner_queen. Please don’t forget to use my affiliate code (CPQ10) to receive discounts on your Archer & Olive purchases. 

As a planner/journal enthusiast and a mental health therapist I thrive off sharing information that will make you a happy, healthy & balanced individual. This time we’re talking about tips that will help you stay consistent in your morning routines to improve you mental health. It all starts with changing our mindset. Are you guilty of constantly saying you’re not a morning person? 

Well that’s very common, in fact approximately 50% of the population identifies as not being morning oriented people. If this sounds familiar it’s time to reframe this mindset. Instead of proclaiming that you’re not a morning person, approach it with “Mornings are tough, but I’m tougher!” In this blog I’ll be discussing 5 tips that can get you on a morning routine that works for you mind, body, & spirit. I’ll also be showing several ways you can keep track of your morning routine bujo style. 


⁃Archer & Olive Neapolitan Notepad 

⁃8 x 8 Archer & Olive Dot Grid Notebook 

⁃Alarm clock or Phone Timer 



It is a very simple task that can set the tone for starting the day. Making up your bed once you wake up symbolized that you are getting up, organized and ready for productivity. Also, for people who struggle with mental health issues such as depression, staying in bed deep until the day is daily struggle. Even if you move from the bedroom to another room in the house, this can be a good step in the right direction. ( You can set your timer or alarm for 5-7 minutes to complete this task)



As we all know, our bodies are without food as we sleep the recommended 6-8 hours at night. When we wake up it’s important to break that fast with fresh water and a balanced meal. Some people prefer to eat after getting dressed but no matter where you complete this step just be to nourish yourself before starting the day.  Breakfast doesn’t have to be a chore because that will discourage you from eating in the morning. One thing that has worked for me is preparing a hot meal 3x per week and the other days I can grab something quick. 

routine spread


Here is where we really zone in mentally on making it a “Good” Morning. Once again you can use that timer for (5 minutes) of gratitude and positive affirmations. I like to jot mine down in a very simple format. Simply list a few things for daily gratitude & positively affirm yourself. You should visualize the most pressing thing on your to-do list getting completed. Also, this is a time to speak, write or think something positive about yourself. 

routine tracker


It is very common that we get so wrapped up in the morning hustle & bustle that we neglect our own self care. However, there are many physical and spiritual rewards to cleansing your body. A clean body can often help you clear your mind, and even if it’s a shirt shower it’s your few minutes all to yourself. Be sure to give extra care to yourself by purifying your body, hair, and teeth. If mental health interferes with personal hygiene, try to create a very simple habit tracker. Track the days you have the motivation to purify your body and give yourself small rewards. 


Your planner or bullet journal is going to be essential in this process. When we check our planners we can prepare effectively for dates, meetings, appointments etc.We can also be reminded of duties that must be completed before we start our day (such as; pet or childcare) If you stay consistent with dedicating (30-60 minutes) to your morning routines, you will see improvements in your overall health. Having a good morning on purpose is so refreshing and decreases levels of frustration, rushing, anxiety etc. I personally get up earlier than I have to in an effort to do these steps.

final spread

Grab the tracker as free printable here:

 printable tracker

REMEMBER: The order isn’t important because ultimately you have to do what works for your life. The important thing is that you value yourself and start to create healthy habits and consistent routines. The ultimate goaL is always peace of mind. I hope you found something helpful in this blog and I’m wishing everyone reading these good mornings & even better days!



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1 comment

25 Aug 2022 Nakshatra Nair

Working your brain in this way first thing in the morning can help you focus on the important things for the rest of the day. Morning yoga or meditation is also highly suggested, with some supplements  owing to the tranquilly it provides and the mindfulness aspect. – Nidra Nutrition

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