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Fun Indoor Craft Activity Ideas For Kids

by Content Team 30 Sep 2022 0 Comments

full indoor kid activity ideas

Hey! I’m Chloe from @bulletjournalbychloe and welcome back to another blog with me! I’m going to be sharing some fun activities to do with your children to get them creating indoors on those rainy days.

Okay… go grab your supplies and let’s start creating!

Bullet Journaling

idea one bullet journal


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If you are already familiar with bullet journaling then this is a great option to do with your children. Treat your children to a beautiful journal and allow them to become creative with their own bullet journal. Encourage them to track different things such as homework, tasks and chores. This could be a task that you do together daily to be creative with your children. For example my whole family bullet journal so we make time each evening to sit down together and spend time journaling as a family.


Colouring in pictures 

Colouring in pictures

This is a fun yet simple task for your children to get creative. Go online and find different pictures of your favourite characters for the children to colouring. Or you could draw them a picture and ask them to colour in. You may also want to get creative and ask them to colour in the picture using something other than pencils or colouring in pens. Such as hole punching different things like leaves or magazines and using those cutouts to create the colour on the page.


Pasta Jewellery 

Pasta Jewellery


  • Pasta
  • Paint
  • String 

This was one of my favourite things to do as a child. You will need hard uncooked pasta shells to create this. Get the children to paint the pasta in any colour they like. They can add glitter and sparkles to make it more unique. Once it has dried you can string the pasta onto a piece of string and tie it to make a necklace or a bracelet. Kids love creating things that they can use and will enjoy creating their own jewellery.


Mixed Media Challenge

This is a fun challenge to get your children being creative outside the box. Ask your children to create a picture or a piece of work using things in the room that you wouldn’t normally use to create art. Such as using Lego blocks to build a scene or using dirt and grass glue down to the page to create a picture. By setting the children a challenge it allows them to think outside the box and discover new ways of creating art.



collage idea


  • Scissors
  • Magazines
  • Glue
  • Paper 

Collage is a fun way for children to use up their old magazines. Get the children to look through their magazines and cut out pieces they want to use to create a picture. This could be recreating their bedroom or creating a bedroom of their dreams. Pick out all the favourite things that they would like to have in the room such as desk bed and toys. Then they can arrange it on the page and glue it down. Another fun idea is to get them to cut out different features of faces and recreate their own face. You can set them a challenge to focus on different things such as eyes or hair. This activity is really fun and will get the children laughing.

Drawing Tutorials 

Drawing Tutorials

Get the kids practising their art skills by following along to different tutorials. This could be something simple like how to draw a butterfly or a ladybird. Or if you want to challenge that further you could follow a tutorial on how to draw a scene. There are many different tutorials online and on YouTube and plenty on the archer and olive blogs.

Book/movie review 

Book/movie review

If you decide to create a bullet journal for your child this is a fun spread that can be included within the journal. Once I have finished reading a book or watching a movie, encourage the kids to create a review. Get them to think about their favourite scene or chapter and maybe their favourite quote. You may even want to try a library system for books and create a bank of different reviews that they can share with their friends.

Self portraits 

self portraits

Finally try doing self portraits with the kids. This doesn’t have to be a piece of art, it could be simply creating a cartoon version of themselves or a friend. Get them to draw their siblings or their mates and get them to focus on as much detail as possible. I use mirrors for the kids to look at themselves and really study all the different features that make up their face. You could use different mediums to create this.

Feeling inspired? Great! You can use many of these ideas and combine them together to make spreads that are more personalised to you. I hope these ideas help you to get creative with the children ! 


Want to see more? Check out this video where I talk through each idea so you can pick the right ones for you!


Finally, make sure you grab your free printable as a guide or to print out for your journal:

fun activity ideas checklist

I hope you enjoyed this blog! Make sure to tag me (@bulletjournalbychloe) and Archer and Olive (@archerandolive) in any of your recreations and use the hashtag #AOShare #archerandolive! Have fun exercising! 

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