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How & Why To Try Hourly Planning | Planning Spread Ideas

by Ambassador Team 30 Jul 2023 0 Comments

Hello Friends, Caroline here from the ambassador team. Today I wanted to talk about hourly planning, and share with you the benefits of it and how you can incorporate it into your bullet journal.

So what is hourly planning? Hourly planning is a way to schedule your tasks and to do’s at specific times throughout the day. This becomes particularly helpful on busy days but can also help with creating routines and setting up boundaries for how much time you spend doing certain activities.

hourly planning spread

One of the ways that I like to view hourly planning is as a structured ideal or model for how I hope my day goes, and I like to only use as needed so I create my hourly planning spreads directly on a bullet journal.

To create an hourly planning spread all you need is your bujo and a pen, my bujo is a dotted grid notebook by archer and olive, and my favorite writing tool is a fineliner.

To create the spread, you just need to write down the hours of the day you’re usually awake for

photo of hours in bujo

Tip: If you want to set up a routine of waking up early you can add the earlier hours of the day however I recommend not planning the day to start any earlier or end any later than you normally do just so that you can have more time for taks, this would add unnecessary pressure and the point is to use our time more efficiently.

Once you have the hours written you can start scheduling your taks, make sure to include anything that takes up your time even if it is something repetitive or routined such as prepping meals.

hourly planning with highlights

Tip: if you want to do hourly planning on a consistent basis I recommend coming up with a color coding key for repetitive tasks or routines so you can easily block out your time.

And that's it once you start following your hourly plans you will find that your days are more efficient, this is also very helpful if you find yourself not giving enough time to rest, or to enjoy activities you can always schedule rest times, times to indulge in a hobby or any self care.

And if hourly planning seems interesting but not achievable I also recommend creating the ideal day spread, this is an hourly planned spread where you write down how you'd like to spend your time, without too many specific tasks which you can keep handy on your bullet journal to reference back to, I also invite you to check out the free printable if you wish to give this a try without committing in your bujo:

hourly planning printable

 Here's the full finished spread:

photo of Ideal day hourly planning spread

If you want to see how I set up this spread i invite you to watch the youtube video below, and for more time productivity content check out this blog on time blocking in your bullet journal

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