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How To Create A Vintage Inspired Collage Cluster And How To Use It

by Ambassador Team 15 Jan 2023 0 Comments

Hello friends! It’s me Caroline (@carolineace_bujo) from the Ambassador team and today I wanted to do a creative activity and talk about collage clusters! Specifically: vellum clusters! 

Vintage journaling, junk journaling, and collage style journaling are becoming very popular within the creative journaling community! 

So what exactly is a vellum cluster? 

vellum cluster

A vellum cluster is a collage put together using vellum paper to hold and layer various elements in one place. These collages can then be used for journaling, bullet journal, pen pal letters, greeting cards among many other options!

Vintage Journals usually have layers of ephemera, labels, tags, stickers, florals, textures among other fun journaling supplies, and I will be showing you how to gather some of these elements to create a fun vintage-collage inspired vellum cluster .

So if you love creating and getting crafty, keep on reading!

First things first! You'll need the following supplies:


1. Vellum paper! I'm using this super cute one from archer & olive’s December subscription box 

2. Glue to hold all the elements together

3. Scissors to cut your ephemera or labels 

4. Ephemera, labels, tags or any memorabilia you wish to incorporate (p.s I'm providing you with a free printable to get your started)

5. My favorite archer and olive stickers for decoration

Now let's dive in!

The first step is to cut some frames or tags (I have provided some frames in the printable below, make sure you cut the inside portion so the frame stands alone as a border).

frame cut


Then glue the frame on top of your vellum to create a base and cut around the frame, so that you have a framed piece of vellum paper.

vellum frame

Repeat this step, you can do as many framed vellums as you'd like depending on how big you want your collage to be, in this example I'm using two of them.

Next we are going to layer everything together and add the decorative pieces, since I’ll be using my cluster as a cover page for my bullet journal, I want to use stickers to easily place the collage on the page. 

layering sticker

This is the fun and relaxing part, personally I’ll be incorporating lots of stickers that match well together! If you don't have color matching stickers, feel free to color in your own using the blank archer and olive stickers, continue to layer your elements until you you've created something you love.

Layering elements

After you’ve had fun with your creation and are happy with the end result is time to give it a home!

One of the ways you can use your vellum cluster is to create your monthly cover page

cover page

You can also use your college to decorate a penpal letters, greeting card envelopes and more!

decorated envelope

If you enjoy this and want to see in more detail the process please watch this youtube video:

I hope you had fun creating with me, we have lots of fun crafty projects here on the blog such as creating bold illustrations with acrylograph pens, a dream board in your journal & much more!


Don't forget to grab your printable! And if you make a collage cluster we would love to see it! Please share on instagram and tag @archerandolive and use hashtags #aoshare and #archerandolive

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