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How To Decorate Your December Dailies | Bullet Journal Ideas

by Design Team 08 Nov 2021 0 Comments

Hi friends, I’m Robin also known as Crafty Planner Queen you can find me on Instagram @craftyplanner_queen. Please don’t forget to use my affiliate code (CPQ10) to receive discounts on your Archer & Olive purchases. It’s no secret I’m a stationery addict and over the years I’ve acquired quite the stash. I’m really a holiday person and Christmas is my favorite. I’ve collected and created tons of Christmas ephemera and I’m always looking for ways to use my stash to document memories. A few years ago I stumbled upon December Daily, and the rest is history! 

One of the most useful tips I’ve taken from the December Daily gurus out there is to keep your stories unique and fun. I love seeing it play out one page at a time. You’re getting a sneak peek into my December Daily 2021 before I start documenting with pictures and journaling.

warm and cozy

In this blog, I’ll be showcasing several ways that I decorate my December daily pages in my Christmas travelers notebook. I hope seeing how I set up various pages in my TN will spark your creativity and get you in the holiday spirit! My motto is <craft.plan.heal> and I find it very relaxing and healing to document each day of December and be able to look back on these albums year after year. So gather your scraps, stickers, stamps, and whatever other materials you’ve got laying around and prep your notebook for the holiday cheer to come.



- Archer & Olive Vintage Bee Travelers Notebook 

- Christmas scrapbook paper & printable clipart

- Permanent tape runner & glue gun 

- Various Christmas ephemera from my crafty stash 

- Foam double sided tape (used fir dimension)

- Scissors & Paper Trimmer 

dailies journal

December Dailies Tips

Here are (3) tips to make your December Daily notebook simple, beautiful, & memorable: 


Tip One

* CHOOSE YOUR NOTEBOOK WISELY: I decided to use the travelers notebook style because it’s not too big or small. If you don’t have tons of free time you want to choose a notebook that’s not too large. Bigger dimension requires more decorating. On the flip side, if you have a bug family and want to include lots of pics, go big or go home! I highly recommend Archer & Olive notebooks because of the durable pages. If you’re a crafter who likes stamping, inks, paint etc. you’ll love this brand. 

idea one


Tip Two

* THEMES & FOUNDATION PAGES: It.s always good to have some cohesion to really make your album flow. As you can see in the pictures I opened up this notebook with a very whimsical and girly aesthetic. I also chose a more bright Christmas palette instead of traditional red and green. Your foundation pages are literally just your base pages. Some people opt to lay down all the base pages first then add embellishments. 

idea two 


Tip Three

* MAKE EVERYDAY COUNT: I think one of the most important things to remember is that no memory is too big or too small. You’re documenting your December one day/page at a time, therefore if it was an uneventful day note that! Whether you lounged around watching old Christmas movies, detangled last years lights and ornaments, or made not so perfect gingerbread houses, it all counts! Most importantly have fun and don’t be afraid to mess up! 

idea three

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