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Plan With Me In My Planner - @happy_patries in her Undated Planner!

by Guest Blogger 05 Oct 2020 0 Comments

Hi, I'm Patricia from @happy_patries. Today I'm going to show you how I make a spread in the beautiful Daily Agenda from Archer & Olive. Planning is my passion and it's also helpful, it makes my head a little bit less cluttered. When everything is written down in my planner I can start the week with more peace in my head. That's why I'm always saying my planner is my second head! So let me take you with me in my proces. 

What did I use?

- Daily Agenda

- Stickers

- Acrylograph Pens Tropical

- Planning Tools; scissors, pincet, little cutting knife

- Washi

- Your favorite pen 

The first page

When you start in a new planner you first have to make it truly yours by writing your name in it. The perfectionist in me finds it very hard to do. You don't want to mess it up. I'm not the best in hand lettering, but with the acrylograph pens it was a very easy job!

Yes I messed up a little bit, with the v from creative, but the paper is so beautiful white that you can easily correct your mistake with the white acrylograph pen. Nothing to see anymore!

Let's Plan

What I love about the planner is the amount of white space for the creative girls. The paper has a nice and smooth feeling. I think this planner is perfect for the girls who loves there bullet journal but don't want to set up a weekly plan every week. This is the perfect combination, there is enough space to draw, paint or sticking stickers. I always use stickers and washi in my planner and I love to cluster and layer them. 


I put some washi along the lines and ripped the bigger one a bit so that it look more natural in the planner. Layering the banner sticker on top of it is perfect. You can put an appointment in it or a time. Banners are my favorite stickers.

The flowers I cut trough half and but them on the sides. 

Making a list, checking it twice! I love to make little list in my planner for all the things that I need to do that day or that week. There is enough room in this planner for lists. 

On top and on te bottom I made scallops with the acrylograph pen to make it a little bit more fun and personal. 

This is my finished look before the pen! I love how it turned out. Enough space to write in all my plans and it looks beautiful too. That's why I love planning!

Beside my planner I always use a notepad on the side. To make a big list for all the things I really need to do or don't need to forget. Some of the things I also write in my planner, but we all love to check some list so checking it twice is even more nice. The kraft dot grit notepad is perfect for making lists. When your done you can easily tear the page of the pad and start a new list. 

After the pen

When i'm done with playing with all the stickers and the washi I always make a picture first for my instagram. When that is done I'm going to sit down and fill in my planner. Fill in all the appointments, making the to do list and I leave some room for things that will pop up that week. The planners lays open on my planner desk so I can easily check it and check things off. I love the gold coil of this planners, it's makes it shine on my desk!

Don't you just love this planner and her functionality? I hope I have give you an idea on how I use my planner and wish you a lot of creative planning!

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