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How to Draw Fitness Doodles + Free Printable!

by Guest Blogger 06 Oct 2020 0 Comments

Hey-lo! Marsha here from Do You Salut! Today we’re going to be drawing fitness doodles! Every month a lot of us have a fitness goal of some sort. Physical activity is so important for our health. It can help brighten our mood, help you sleep better, and also help with your physical body. Having fitness doodles can be a great way to help you keep track of your fitness goals or to spruce up your weekly spreads. So let’s dive in!

journal, pencil, ruler and eraser

Recommended Supplies


Weights and Scale


One of the easiest fitness doodles are weights and scales. To draw a weight you first draw a horizontal line. Then draw a rectangle on each end of the line, then next to each rectangle draw a smaller rectangle right next to it.

Scale: First draw a square with rounded edges. On the top center of the inside of the square draw arch that with a horizontal line at the bottom of the arch. Then draw an outline on the inside of the square around the arch.

Treadmill and Stationary Bike


Draw a horizontal rectangle. Then at the bottom of the rectangle draw two small squares (this will be the wheels). At the top of the rectangle draw a line at an approximate 45 degree angle. On top of this line draw another rectangle for the screen of the treadmill.

Stationary Bike:

doodles of stationary bicycle

Draw a half circle. Under the half circle draw two upside down capital “T”s (these will be the legs of the bicycle). At the top of the half circle draw line at a 45 degree angle, then on top of that line draw a “v” ( this will be the handle bar of the bicycle). At the other end of the half circle draw two parallel lines and a mini half circle on top the lines (this is the seat of bicycle).


Stick Figures

Stick Figures are my best friends! They are super cute and sometimes I find it helpful to draw the stick figures instead of writing the physical activity. (Don’t you think a running stick figure is better than writing the word “running”?)

fitness doodles


To draw stick figures I like to draw start with a trapezoid or rectangle base and then draw the arms and legs as either straight lines and “V’s”.

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I hope you found this tutorial. Enjoy this free workout planner to practice your fitness doodles and help plan your weekly workouts.

Don’t forget to tag us @doyousalut and @archerandolive in your recreations! Salut!

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