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September 2021 Calendar Printable

by Bonnie Kuhl 03 Sep 2020 0 Comments

Happy September everyone! 

Sorry we are a few days late! The September 2020 Freebie Calendar is ready for you to download! Just click the image! :-D

Grab the download here

Want 2020? Grab that download here

Happy Fall everyone! 

As always lets do a little round up of some gorgeous September and Fall posts!

September cover pages

If you are looking for fun ways to update your cover pages for September, Adrienne shows us this really simple black out notebook way for creating some color and vibrance! You can read her full post here

Fall themes for your bullet journal you might love!

We have also taken some time to round up some brilliant fall themes for you to create with in your bullet journal! 

1. Cozy Feeling Notebook Style

2. Creating Fall Doodles in your notebook!

These are such simple and easy to follow doodle tutorials! They are easy to recreate for your fall set ups

3. Welcoming Fall (or spring for the Southern Hemisphere)

This great tutorial really highlighted how gorgeous spring and fall look together! These simple designs really highlight how gorgeous the colors are, and this is something you could easily recreate in your notebook!

4. Fall themed border

Using the fall colored pens, these gorgeous boarders create a warm feel to your cover page or quote!

P.s. we release a free calendar printable every month! So make sure to keep an eye out for them.

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